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    Royal Air

    Get Ready to Fly
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    VIP & Private Jet

    Get ready to explore our royal standards. All kinds of private and exclusive jets are ready to take off in no time at a glimpse of yours.
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    Special Occasions Flights

    Royal Air is ready to serve all your special charter and ACMI needs; religious, incentive, sportive, conferences. We are ready to arrange Hajj Flights, Incentive Flights, sports teams and fans flights, Medical Flights, evacuation flights, military flights.
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    Cargo Flights

    All your cargo requirements will be fulfilled at one place whatever they are; full charter, ACMI, wet-lease, damp-lease.
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    Worldwide Pre-flight Support

    Get all the services you need to launch your flights; traffic rights, overflying permits, landing permits, airport slots, supervision and representation, ground handling, catering, fuel, flight plans, weather, NOTAMS, crew briefing, crew HOTAC "hotel reservation and transportation". Never get any of your flights delayed or missed.
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    World Wide Coverage

    Royal Air is ready to serve you whenever and wherever you want to fly. Our network covers the entire globe. So, never hesitate to contact us to get your aviation needs.


Flexibility & Maneuverability

Taking Royal Air as your consultant, you will get plenty of options to choose from to fit all your needs. You will experience solutions that you will hardly find anywhere else. In case of any operational complications, technical problems or any other difficulties that you may face before or while getting the service, Royal Air will do its best to get you all the available solutions available in the market in no time. You will experience an excellent maneuverability level. Problem solving has never been so easy!

Experience & Relations

We have a very deep experience and excellent relations in aviation and tourism fields. Our management team holds an experience of more than a decade of practicing all activities in those fields from flight support to in flight services as attention and food. We are able to support your quests whatever they are “A/C lease, sale and purchase / all types of charter flights / Flight support / Preflight services “handling, refueling, etc.”. We utilize our long experience and relations into every single job we are assigned to, just to insure the utmost satisfaction of our customers.

Unique Standard of Service

We have our own standard of service level. Each of our clients is being treated as a VIP customer. Our clients’ satisfaction is our major goal. To ensure this, our role does not stop upon the finalization and execution of the service agreement. We continue supporting our valuable customers by liaising with all the parties involved to clear all the obstacle and to ensure getting the service according to the agreement, properly and in time. We urge you to try our services to feel the difference.

Competitive Rates


With the increasing and severe competition in aviation industry, rates become a crucial element in winning the business. What matters is not only the quality of service you offer to your clients, but at what rates you can offer such services. With our huge and up to date database, you will ensure that your requirement is placed at every member’s table in this industry. This will for sure, reduce your cost by getting the best available rates in the market. So, you can offer your clients rates they can never imagine.