Fleet Information

¬†Royal Air has distinctive relations with many airliners and freighters worldwide and always have in hand up to date information about aircraft base, configurations and availability. We also utilize our aircraft & carriers database to enable us to fulfill our customer’s requirements in no time.

Below, you will find very useful information about some of the most common aircraft types in the market for your ease. This we help you a lot to define the most suitable aircraft to fulfill your requirement. Please note that the actual specifications may differ depending on the carriers’ choice and the commercial market nature. We think below information is good to give you an overall idea about what really exists in the aviation market. However, if you still do not know exactly what aircraft to pick to fulfill your quest, don’t worry and just leave this to us. Our expert team will do the job on your behalf and find you the most suitable aircraft in the market.


Aircraft for small group
Make/Model Type Seats Range
Dornier 328 Turbo prop 31-32 1200
Fokker 50 Turbo prop 42-52 1400
ATR42 Turbo prop 42-50 1800
ATR72 Turbo prop 62-72 2000
Dash 8 Turbo prop 36-78 1400
Aircraft for medium group
Make/Model Type Seats Range
Fokker 70/100 Short range 80-106 1800
Bae-146 Short range 70-116 1200
Boeing 737 Short range 100-189 800-3600
MD82/83 Short range 142-172 2800
Airbus A319 Short range 120-145 2200-3400
Airbus A320 Short range 150-180 2000-3300
Aircraft for large group
Make/Model Type Seats Range
Boeing 757 Medium range 180-289 3100-4500
Boeing 767 Medium/Long range 200-328 5200-7600
Boeing 777 Long range 292-477 4200-8200
Boeing 747 Long range 290-580 5000-8300
Airbus A300 Medium/Long range 200-360 1700-5000
Airbus A310 Medium/Long range 169-280 4000-6000
Airbus A330 Long range 253-408 5500-7400
Airbus A340 Long range 228-400 7500-9800
Locheed L1011 Long range 190-350 4100-6150
Airbus A321 Medium Range 195-220 3000-3800