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Our Team

About Us

Our team has more than a decade of experience and involvement in aviation industry. We have good knowledge in all aspects of aviation & Tourism industry. We have thousands of connections all over the world thanks to our database. Our database of potential customers and suppliers is updated on a daily basis. This database includes all the parties involved in aviation business “Leasing Companies, Airlines, Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Airport Operators, Slot Coordinators, CAAs, Handling Agents, Refueling Companies, Catering Companies, Supervision and Representation Companies, Hotels and Resorts”. Throughout our long time in aviation and tourism industry, we have established close personal friendships with many of the members of this field. Our suppliers list includes the most reputable & reliable members who can offer you the most competitive rates and provide you with top rated excellent service worldwide whatever your requirements are.

Who we can support?

Aircraft Purchase and Leasing

If you are an Airline seeking to lease in or out an aircraft for short term or long term, sell your used or stored aircraft, buy a used or a brand new aircraft at the best available rates in the market. Then, it will be “Royal Air” who you must get in touch with.

We handle all the procedures

If you are an airline looking to set up all the necessary preflight arrangements “slot allocation, traffic rights, landing permissions, overflying permissions, handling, refueling, catering, crew support, crew HOTAC” in time, it will be “Royal Air” who you must get in touch with. Never miss or get any of your flights delayed again because of a missing vital factor of those mentioned above.

Corporate and Institutional Flights

If you are a tour operator, a travel agent, a conference company, or a company who wish to arrange an Incentive flight for its employees, then, you have to contact us to get all your needs. We will help you to locate the most suitable and cost effective aircraft in the charter market. We will also help you to locate the right hotel and the right conference halls that match your exact needs.

Cargo Transportation

If you are a company seeking a cargo flight to transport its cargo, no matter the nature or the size of the cargo is, then, it will be our pleasure to locate you the right freighter in the right place to transport your shipment and deliver it to your customers in time in a good condition. Your shipment will be handled carefully subject to the nature of the cargo “fragile, life limited products like flowers and food, sensitive materials”.

If you are any of the above listed customers, then it will be “Royal Air” who you must get in touch with. Make sure that you will get your quest quickly and efficiently at the best available rates in the market together with the highest safety and quality standards. We will not just get you the service in time, but we will make sure that you and your clients are served properly and perfectly. Our 24 hours operation team will liaise with the supplier “whether an airline or a hotel” from the day the reservation is done till the service is delivered.

About Flights

We offer the highest standards for VIP flights

 With our service, you will be treated like a prince. You will get a limousine transporting you from your place of stay directly to the arrival hall in the airport of departure. Then, while you have your courtesy drink at the VIP lounge, your customs and immigration papers will be finalized in no time thanks to the dedicated staff. On board, we promise that it will be a flight to remember. You will experience an excellent service. We take care about every single minute detail, just to please you. This is what makes the difference.